The election results depressed me beyond words. To everyone who failed to vote because you didn’t like the candidates or thought your vote wouldn’t matter, or who voted for a third-party candidate as a protest, or voted for T because you were afraid that a Democrat would take away your guns (insert other single-issue reason here), this is what you have created: A single-party controlled government with a press that’s afraid to challenge the new administration because their access will be cut off and the fewest checks and balances ever in our country’s history. We The People are not likable at the moment. The inmates are running the asylum. 

If burying my head in the sand would make the next four years vanish, I would do it. Care to join me in a medically induced coma for the next four years? 

I know. Not a real choice. 

What I will really do for the next four years is stand up for women, stand up for immigrants, stand up for religious freedom and stand up for a free press. 

I commit to living for kindness and generosity.