I have a tendency to exchange obsessions. For the longest time, I was obsessed with crocheting to keep my hands busy while watching TV. Everyone in my family has a scarf or an afghan I made for them. My cat’s favorite place to be is the foot of the bed on the blue afghan I made for myself. John has a long red scarf that got wayyyyy too long, almost Tom Baker-era Dr. Who long. But that obsession ended. There’s a rose-colored afghan half-finished in a basket that hasn’t been touched in years. Sorry, Mom! It really was meant for you.

For several years, my obsession has centered on the mini-computer known as my iPhone. From Angry Birds to Words with Friends to Solitaire, these are the time-sucks in my life. I need to stop. But apparently, I can only stop if I substitute another obsession.

Ideas anyone?